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Cat Toy Ball (blue/pink/white)

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Simple design, finely processed

3 kind to enjoy

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Bell ball

With a metal bell inside, it jingles when rolling,

attracting your cat and inspiring its innate nature to hunt.

Cat toy ball photo 3

Catnip ball

With a leakproof catnip ball inside, your cat will never get tired of playing.

Cat toy ball photo 4

Flickering ball

With a flashing ball inside, it is safe and insulated,

only flickers when rolling, makes the fun last longer.

Cat toy ball photo 4

Cat toy ball photo 5

Environment-friendly and fade resistant dyeing

Wear-resistant and bite-resistant to keep your cat on the move. 

Cat toy ball photo 6

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Cat toy ball packaging

Cat Toy Ball (blue/pink/white)
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